Kids and Kubs Banquet 2016

Kids and Kubs

Kids and Kubs 2016 Annual Banquet

I started playing senior softball in 97 when I became eligible
at 60 years old. That was the starting age. That league
was called 3 score and I played for 14 years until I was 74
and I could join the Kids and Kubs.

In 3 Score, I was President of the league or Treasurer for
most of the time. One task I always took on was getting
the entertainment or speaker for the annual banquet.

I continued that tradition with the kids and kubs 6 years ago.

Over the years I have had some good ones and some
flops. I always hear about it either way.

Last night, I was worried because the crowd was kind
of somber without a lot of enthusiasm. That is the way
they are though. The key was afterward.

I had at least 30 people tell me that your show was incredible
and the best they have ever seen. A number of them wanted
your card so I gave them your web site.

Mark, your show was fantastic. Not only did the lord give
you super talent, we have never had anyone work so hard
at what they do. My wife and I have seen you three times
and we have always loved it. Last night you had us

Thank you so much and also for being so flexible on the time.

This is my final fling with the Kids and Kubs as I will be leaving
the organization in March. My knees have given out on me
and I have to give up softball as I’m going to try and put off
knee replacement. You made my last banquet a major success.

Ron Renz

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